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studio 5c

Until recently I don’t remember the last time I was on TV. Come to think of it, it was probably when I had the chance to be on the Knowledge Network in Vancouver as a teen for a debate with adults on homeschooling. I got to be the not so weird kid representing all the homeschooled kids out there. Where am I going with this? Last week, I got a call from my friend’s sister, Michaella, aka Mika, who owns a modest dress company in Utah called MikaRose. As it turns out, MikaRose was going to be featured on KSL’s Studio 5, a local morning talk show, and Mika was asking if blue bijou could dress up her dresses on live TV. Of course I said yes.

studio 5.aOn Monday Mika and I played dress up with the models, having them try on her dresses and playing around with complimentary jewelry for the casual and dressy look Studio 5 is going to feature. One blonde girl, Hilary, looked great in everything she tried on and it took us forever to decide which dresses she would showcase. We ended up having her model two of the five dresses featured. Talk about fun, it didn’t even feel like we were working.

The next morning, we’re in the dressing room right before we’re about to go on set to have photos taken for the casual look… and one of the models is late. As the models are having their photos taken and the last girl still hasn’t arrived, Mika asks me if I will put the dress on and stand in for her. Five minutes after my picture was taken, she shows up. Turns out she was pulled over on her way because she failed observe a stop sign trying to get to the studio as fast as she could. I felt terrible, but because they had already taken the “before” casual picture, I had to be the one.

The MikaRose segment was the strongest, and therefore last. We stood backstage andstudio 5bstudio 5cstudio 5c
watched the rest of the show from the wings, waiting our turn. Mika’s interview with Brooke was incredible! They had a great chemistry on camera and she exuded a natural confidence. Five dresses were featured and though I can’t remember each one, my two favorites were the “Ariana” and “Sarah” – named after me! And Mika made a great plug for blue bijou on air as well!

To see more of Mika’s fabulous dresses, visit her newly revised website at


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