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When I got married in September 2005, I had a list of five absolutes for my wedding:

  1. The rings1.jpggroom (duh)
  2. The ring
  3. The dress
  4. The photographer
  5. The honeymoon

While there are clearly varying degrees of importance, thankfully, even with a wedding on a budget, I didn’t have to sacrifice on any of these absolutes.

sandraleung.jpgI knew exactly what I wanted from my wedding pictures. After asking around, I was referred to Sandra Leung. Sandra is the owner of the Yaletown Wedding Gallery in the trendy Yaletown district of Vancouver. After visiting Sandra’s studio and seeing the caliber of photographer she was, she was the natural choice. Didn’t she do a beautiful job?

(please note because of the width of our blog column, we have had to shrink the photos causing them to appear grainy — please click on the images for to see the actual quality)


Here are a few things to consider when preparing for your wedding and bridal photos:

  1. Try the photo-journalistic approach.
    This is the newest trend in wedding photography. As you can see, Sandra didn’t use the “cheese!” approach, rather allowed us wander ahead and captured the natural moments as they came. As my sister Stephanie said when she first saw Sandra’s website, “It looks like something from a magazine!”

  2. Wear more make-up than usual.
    Much like when on stage or in theatre, the make-up you are wearing will look like less than it is. It may look like a little much, but it won’t in your photos. You may want to consider getting together with a make-up artist to learn some new techniques, or, hire one! Might I recommend Anny Lin in Vancouver, or Dawn Weidauer in the Salt Lake City area.

  3. Take your photos a day other than your wedding day.
    We did our bridal and couple photos several days before the wedding – by the time we were married, we were able to focus on the ceremony itself and not in the other details. After the luncheon, we just drove off into the sunset!

  4. Be willing to pay more than you anticipated.
    While I had a particular price range in mind, it was definitely worth the stretch to get quality, lasting photographs. Trust me – when you are old, these photos will live on and you’ll be able to say to your grandkids, “See? I did look this good!”

  5. Lead the camera lens through the process of getting ready.
    Our photographer, Sandra, snapped a few shots during the make-up process before the dress was donned. In addition to some lovely photos of the dress, some of my favorite pictures of the whole afternoon are the ones of my mom lacing up my corset.


Here are some wedding photographers we highly recommend:

Best of luck with the wedding planning!



  1. Your wedding photos are stunning! I just love them.

  2. Hey, Sarah!

    Thank you so very much for the honor of being one of your recommended photographers! For anyone who reads this, Sarah from Blue Bijou is wonderful and her jewelry, beautiful. I love my golden wings necklace I bought from her.

  3. You are such a doll, Melissa! Thank you. Your work is absolutely beautiful, I loved happening upon your blog recently. We just did a custom jewelry set for Quincy who, as it turns out, is getting her photos done by you! I’m sure she’ll be so pleased, you have a fantastic eye.

  4. Thanks, femputer! We were rather pleased with them, too 🙂

  5. Nice to read your ecperience. Read about how to cut wedding costs down:

  6. Sarah, THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments regarding the photos. If you can only see how much I was blushing when I read your comments! You are gem (no pun intended) and one talented person yourself! Oh yeah, and thanks for the lovely comments on my Blog:) I did have a nice holiday indeed!

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