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With spring upon us, here are some of the latest jewelry trends to watch for an impliment affordably into your wardrobe this season:

  1. Tassels
    Tassels are huge! May we suggest Ariana:

  2. Pendants on Long Necklaces
    Multiple pendants on long necklaces are big right now! May we recommend Charmed:

  3. Long Earrings
    Look for long earrings that sway as you move! May we recommend Amelia:

  4. Black and White
    Nothing makes a statement like black and white. May we suggest Karma and Snow.
  5. Orange!
    A big color this spring is orange! Though it takes a certain personality to pull it off, the Jocelyn in candle apple tangerine is a versatile piece to compliment your new orange frocks:

  6. Blue
    Another popular color to wear is blue. Laura will compliment any blue-eyed girl!

  7. Metals
    Jewelry made solely from gold or silver metals are making a big comeback this season. May we recommend the ever-popular Judy earrings and matching Mika necklace:


    For more of what’s in store at blue bijou, visit us at!


One Comment

  1. I love those drop earrings and dangling earrings. Is it costume jewelry or fine jewelry? Very beautiful.

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