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This Saturday, Black Door Floral will be providing stunning flower arrangements (Exhibit A!!!) as part of the blue bijou display at the Bridal Extravaganza in Sandy, Utah. Here is a great article from Black Door’s blog especially for brides when considering floral designers:

There are many thing you should keep in mind when choosing a florist. Here are some tips brides should know when making that decision.

Q:How should you choose your florist?

A:Start by getting suggestions from friends, vendors or recently married brides. They will know or have worked with some of the top designers and can give you an up to date referral of their work. Asking your 76 year old grandmother might not be the best idea. The florist she used probably isn’t up on the most current trends in the floral industry.

Q: How will i know if they can interpret my vision?

A: A good floral designer will set up a consultation to discuss every detail of your event and if needed, set up additional consults and venue walk-through. When setting up the consult make sure that you bring inspirational objects for her to keep. Things such as fabric swatches, magazine clippings, painting, etc.

Q: How much should i spend on flowers?

A: Most sources will tell you to allocate 15% of your overall budget to flowers. This may be for some brides but others may want to concentrate their money elsewhere. You don’t have to spend a fortune on flowers to get a dramatic effect. Using chunky candles with a delicate satin ribbon ahered to them can make also make for a eye catching centerpiece.

If you love a specific flower but i may be a budget breaker, try incorporating it into your bouquet and using it as an accent. This ensures that you have your favorite flower but you can stay within your budget. You may also want to consider using larger blooms in the design. For example, using hydrangeas for your centerpieces will take up more room and be more cost effective rather than using 10-15 mums.

Quick tips:


Try using a variety of different containers to create a unique landscape for your tables. Some of my favorite things to use are colored bud vases. Using a single bloom with a punch of color can add drama to any bare banquet table. Try grouping them in a line for a more dramatic layout.

To see more of Black Door Floral up close and personal, visit us at the Bridal Extravaganza Saturday, April 5th at the Sandy Expo Center – booth #82 by the fashion show. PLUS, with the purchase of any blue bijou bridal necklace, brides will receive a complimentary throw bouquet from Black Door Floral! You don’t want to miss this!



  1. As a Designer, I need to compliment you on your work.

    I personally think that your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!!. The colors are so appealing and the choice of Floral is very striking. I was just searching under Floral and came across your sight. When I first seen your picture I was captivated and thought this is so pretty ! You are exquisite…don’t ever let your intuition and designs within you go– Good Luck –but you do not need it. 🙂 Gina, PA, USA

  2. Thanks, Gina! Our resident floral designer is Amanda with Black Door Floral – I can’t take credit for those amazing bouquets! You can find her at She’s got awesome work!!

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