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Did you notice how minimalist some of the jewelry was at the Grammys last night?  Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna and Ciara each wore simple diamond stud earrings with their ensembles on the red carpet at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

2010 Grammy Jewelry Trends. Photo c/o

2010 Grammy Jewelry Trends. Photo c/o

2010 Grammy Jewelry Trends. Photo c/o

You know the K-I-S-S rule — keep it simple!  The same applies to jewelry.

Come check out our subdued jewelry at!


Angelina Jolie graced the red carpet with Brad Pitt at the premiere of his latest film, Inglorious Bastards in Hollywood this week.  The donned a leather dress by Michael Kors — check out this incredible ring!  What a difference a ring can make.  Fabulous!  Don’t underestimate the power of an oversized ring as the perfect accessory.

Photo c/o Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Photo c/o Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Swimsuit season is around the corner!  A great way to spice up your beach ensemble is bikini bijou!  Long necklaces paired with bathing suits are all the rage right now and a way to dress to impress when you’re at the lake.

For long necklaces, look no further than blue bijou!  Picturered is Sarah wearing the Sophia necklace.  Photo care of Molto Bella Photography.


Come on over!

Guilty. I’m hooked on America’s Next Top Model. On this week’s episode, the girls got glammed up like they were attending the fabulous Fiercee awards show. Each were assigned an awkward circumstance to act out in their photo shoot – Marjorie couldn’t get out of her gown to pee – it was fantastic!

Joslyn showed up wearing the same dress as another girl – definitely a shoot your stylist moment. In this shoot Joslyn was wearing earrings that were nearly identical to blue bijou’s popular Sandiela earrings seen below. Isn’t that fabulous?!  To get your hands on your very own pair, click here!

Can’t wait till next Wednesday…


A few months ago, I was contacted by Michelle Wood from Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance about donating some blue bijou jewelry for their upcoming dinner auction in May. She also invited us to attend the dinner auction, which we graciously accepted. We were not expecting what we saw last night.

As stated on their website, “The Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance is a non-profit organization, which works cooperatively with villagers in Ouelessebougou and the surrounding region of Mali in West Africa.” Here’s some African trivia for you – Timbuktu is part of Mali! Who knew?

The dinner auction was held at the elegant Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City and there were hundreds of people in attendance. The donated items included photography services (I think we won the shoot with Silver Pelican Photography, one of my local favorites!), jewelry, art and sculptures, a Wii system and even a $5000 scooter! The rooms were teeming over with people bidding on their favorite items.

We watched a piece of African Butterfly Art (handcrafted with butterflies) start for auction at $600 and close out at a whopping $2200!

I was surprised at how far our donations go in Mali. $25 will pay for school supplies for 1695 students and $200 will send 26 students to school this year! Isn’t that incredible? A village chief said, “Before the school came, our village was in darkness, after the school came, we came into light.”

The dinner served was extraordinary – absolutely delicious! One of the slides that came across the screen as we ate said, “If you can read this, have shoes on your feet & can choose from 2 or 3 foods to eat, you are among the top 10% of the wealthiest people in the world.”  We are truly blessed.

The Ambassador of Mali was in attendance yesterday evening and we had the privilege to hear from him. We learned that in Mali, wealth is measured, not by money, but by hope. Thus the theme for the evening, Harvesting Hope.


What an incredible experience! We were inspired by the words we heard, by the abundance we forget we enjoy and the rewarding feeling that comes from giving. To make a contribution today or volunteer with the Oulessebougou Utah Alliance, click here.

While not a big TV watcher myself, I have no power over What Not to Wear – whenever it’s on I just can’t help myself! Tonight I caught an episode where they completely made-over a bride and groom who were at the brink of saying, “I Do” to give them a chance to do it right! I would die to be Stacy’s friend! What a woman!

On the What Not to Wear site, there are great wedding resources for brides to be, including Six Rules for Wedding Shopping.

Rule #2: Accessories
If you are wearing a dress to the floor with lots of volume, go with larger accessories to keep things in proportion.

Check out the blue bijou bridal collection to find the perfect piece for your wedding ensemble!

At the Bridal Extravaganza, we were lucky to be neighbors with local photography company, Images by JaNae. JaNae has a great eye for photography and snapped a few shots of our booth from the show!

Here are some of my favorite shots from JaNae’s blog:

You can visit JaNae online at Thanks for the photos, JaNae!


This Saturday, Black Door Floral will be providing stunning flower arrangements (Exhibit A!!!) as part of the blue bijou display at the Bridal Extravaganza in Sandy, Utah. Here is a great article from Black Door’s blog especially for brides when considering floral designers:

There are many thing you should keep in mind when choosing a florist. Here are some tips brides should know when making that decision.

Q:How should you choose your florist?

A:Start by getting suggestions from friends, vendors or recently married brides. They will know or have worked with some of the top designers and can give you an up to date referral of their work. Asking your 76 year old grandmother might not be the best idea. The florist she used probably isn’t up on the most current trends in the floral industry.

Q: How will i know if they can interpret my vision?

A: A good floral designer will set up a consultation to discuss every detail of your event and if needed, set up additional consults and venue walk-through. When setting up the consult make sure that you bring inspirational objects for her to keep. Things such as fabric swatches, magazine clippings, painting, etc.

Q: How much should i spend on flowers?

A: Most sources will tell you to allocate 15% of your overall budget to flowers. This may be for some brides but others may want to concentrate their money elsewhere. You don’t have to spend a fortune on flowers to get a dramatic effect. Using chunky candles with a delicate satin ribbon ahered to them can make also make for a eye catching centerpiece.

If you love a specific flower but i may be a budget breaker, try incorporating it into your bouquet and using it as an accent. This ensures that you have your favorite flower but you can stay within your budget. You may also want to consider using larger blooms in the design. For example, using hydrangeas for your centerpieces will take up more room and be more cost effective rather than using 10-15 mums.

Quick tips:


Try using a variety of different containers to create a unique landscape for your tables. Some of my favorite things to use are colored bud vases. Using a single bloom with a punch of color can add drama to any bare banquet table. Try grouping them in a line for a more dramatic layout.

To see more of Black Door Floral up close and personal, visit us at the Bridal Extravaganza Saturday, April 5th at the Sandy Expo Center – booth #82 by the fashion show. PLUS, with the purchase of any blue bijou bridal necklace, brides will receive a complimentary throw bouquet from Black Door Floral! You don’t want to miss this!

With spring upon us, here are some of the latest jewelry trends to watch for an impliment affordably into your wardrobe this season:

  1. Tassels
    Tassels are huge! May we suggest Ariana:

  2. Pendants on Long Necklaces
    Multiple pendants on long necklaces are big right now! May we recommend Charmed:

  3. Long Earrings
    Look for long earrings that sway as you move! May we recommend Amelia:

  4. Black and White
    Nothing makes a statement like black and white. May we suggest Karma and Snow.
  5. Orange!
    A big color this spring is orange! Though it takes a certain personality to pull it off, the Jocelyn in candle apple tangerine is a versatile piece to compliment your new orange frocks:

  6. Blue
    Another popular color to wear is blue. Laura will compliment any blue-eyed girl!

  7. Metals
    Jewelry made solely from gold or silver metals are making a big comeback this season. May we recommend the ever-popular Judy earrings and matching Mika necklace:


    For more of what’s in store at blue bijou, visit us at!

Dying for a darling new dress for spring? Check out the MikaRose Spring Collection 2008! MikaRose just released this new line and having experienced it first hand, highly recommend these gorgeous frocks! When you visit the MikaRose website, you’ll find blue bijou jewelry featured throughout the new collection.

Here are some of our favorites:


The Ariana shirt dress with Denise Earrings, Melia Turquoise Necklace, and Neesha Turquoise Bracelet – flattering on any body type!


The wrap-around Alison dress with Judy earrings in gold and Sierra necklace – LOVE how this one drapes!


The babydoll Emily dress with white Ginta earrings

Photography by Julie Parker Photography. Check out Julie’s blog here!