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Those who know me personally understand that I am nearly never without my jade bracelet.  As a Eurasian woman, my jade bracelet was a wedding gift and wearing it is part of my proud Asian heritage.

Take a trip to Chinatown and you’ll see Asian women everywhere wearing jade bracelets.  My grandmother has worn hers for 25 years.  The Chinese believe that jade protects you — that the jade would sooner break before anything harmful would happen to you.

In gemstone therapy, jade also has some fascinating properties.  According to,

it is said that jade ‘stimulates creativity and mental agility on the one hand, while also having a balancing and harmonising effect.’ So this beautiful gemstone brings us joy, vivacity and happiness all at the same time.

With this in mind, blue bijou has incorporated jade into their collection.  The baroque faceted pendant on the classic Sadie necklace is made from white rabbit jade and the vibrant stone on the Jocelyn necklace is made from candy apple jade.

Sadie - white rabbit jade

Sadie - white rabbit jade

Jocelyn - candy apple jade

Jocelyn - candy apple jade

While authentic jade bracelets go for a pretty penny, blue bijou also carries glass bracelets, reminiscent of a jade bangle in the Halo bracelets.



While jewelry is beautiful, jade also proves that the metaphysical properties of creativity, balance and protection make it functional as well.


Last November, blue bijou had the privilege of being featured on the TV show!  We were interviewed by the lovely Heather Beers and featured four gorgeous looks for brides.

The director and co-owner of, Ryan Winterton, purchased the delicate Paige necklace for his wife for Christmas and had this to say about his experience with blue bijou:

Blue Bijou was a HUGE hit with my wife.  I told you how she isn’t a very bling-bling type of girl, but she absolutely loved the Swarovski necklace and earrings.  Thank you very much!  And we will be enjoying the vacation that came as a bonue too.  Blue Bijou ROCKS (literally and figuratively)!

– Ryan Winterton,


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Nobody wants to show up to the ball wearing the same thing as someone else, right?  Your wedding day done your way is perfect with customized jewelry, just for you.  Take Quincy for example.

Quincy’s wedding colors were champagne and chocolate brown.  She decided to incorporate her colors into her jewelry to match her ivory gown and chocolate brown bridemaid dresses.



We’d love to work with you to customize the perfect bridal set for your big day.

Thanks for Melissa Kelsey Photography for the lovely photographs.

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Swimsuit season is around the corner!  A great way to spice up your beach ensemble is bikini bijou!  Long necklaces paired with bathing suits are all the rage right now and a way to dress to impress when you’re at the lake.

For long necklaces, look no further than blue bijou!  Picturered is Sarah wearing the Sophia necklace.  Photo care of Molto Bella Photography.


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blue bijou is proud present a new gallery!  The blue bijou gallery will showcase beautiful, everyday women wearing blue bijou.  Please submit photos wearing blue bijou to  We’d love to add to your photo to the mix.

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Here are some of our latest designs! As you can see, there is a great natural element with multi strands, chains and charms.

For more of the latest from the 2008 collection, check out the blue bijou page on facebook! Anyone who becomes a fan receives a gift certificate for $10!