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Laila Biali is an amazing Canadian jazz pianist and composer living the life in New York City.  Her radiant spirit is as vibrant as her incredible music chops.  She’s currently performing with Paula Cole on the East Coast of the US.  Laila also loves blue bijou jewelry.  Here is Laila wearing a pair of blue bijou Oriental filigree earrings.


Tune in to Laila’s beautiful voice at


Laila Biali Trio at the Toronto Jazz Festival – photo by

One of the most beautiful people I know is Laila Biali. Laila is a first class Canadian jazz musician who has opened up for the likes of Diana Krall and Dave Brubeck. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

Laila recently purchased some bijou from blue bijou and sent a lovely email saying, “Your work is beautiful. I will proudly where it on stage and tell people about you. :)”

Thank you, Laila! We adore you and your music!  To hear some of her music, check out her MySpace!

(as a sidebar, her sister Susan Biali and I took flamenco together at Mozaico Flamenco and Laila is great friends with the founders of HUGGS Canada – also dear friends of mine… we were meant to be friends!)