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Melissa Kelsey by Justin Hackworth

Melissa Kelsey by Justin Hackworth

This is the radiant Melissa Kesley.  She’s a rocking wedding photographer in Utah who is totally in demand.  She also happens to be a fan of blue bijou!

We caught up last night at Justin Hackworth’s 30 Strangers Photography Exhibit and while chatting, we discovered that both of our Dove necklaces had gone missing!  They must have flown away together!  Hopefully their migratory patterns will bring them home to us 🙂


Check out Melissa Kelsey’s photography at or follow her on Twitter @melissakelsey.  You’ll be glad you did.


This is the lovely Quincy Lister. She contacted us earlier this year about customizing champagne and chocolate brown bridal jewelry for her upcoming wedding in April. We found beautiful champagne colored freshwater pearls and chocolate colored Swarovski crystals (for a closer look at her bijou, click here!). Here are some photos from Quincy’s wedding care of the marvelous Melissa Kelsey Photography. Thanks for letting us show off your photos, Melissa! To see more of Melissa’s incredible photography, visit her online at She’s got a great style and fabulous personality which makes her great to work with.

Isn’t Quincy radiant? She and her hunky husband are such a darling couple. It was an honor to be part of their wedding day.

This is Quincy and her fiance Phil (photo care of Melissa Kelsey):

Quincy is getting married in April and contacted Blue Bijou about customizing a jewelry set for her wedding day. Since her colors are champagne and chocolate brown (sooo her color), we worked together to incorporate those colors into her jewelry.

Below is the lovely Quincy bridal set with champagne freshwater pearls and brown Swarovski crystals with sterling silver clasps.



As a lovely gesture, Quincy ordered a string of chocolate brown freshwater pearls as a gift for her bridesmaids – aren’t they beautiful?


In addition to the Blue Bijou Bridal Collection, we are happy to work with you to create the perfect piece to compliment you on your most beautiful of days.